Motivational speaker

In companies, I address employees at team-building events, where we touch on setting goals, motivation after defeats, and dealing with changes. The common thread of the content is pursuing set goals despite distracting external factors. The unified message I want to convey to different groups of people, who significantly influence societal development, ranges from teachers and principals to managers. They all share one thing in common: if they give a chance to the people they are entrusted with leading (children, employees), these individuals can sometimes achieve above-average results despite difficult and unpredictable situations.

Let's get toghether

darko duric govor na prireditvah



Motivation, setting goals, and perseverance despite “disturbing factors”.


The power of connection: all successes come from teamwork.


It would be difficult to succeed if no one gives us a chance, so let’s also give others the opportunity.

We hosted Darko Đurić at the conference for leaders of the Triglav Group. With his life story, he provided us with an example and inspiration for overcoming obstacles in business and personal life. From the event, we left enriched with the knowledge that sometimes it's necessary to swim against the current, set high goals, exceed our own limits, and follow our dreams.
Damjana Lunder, the Head of the Education Department at Zavarovalnica Triglav
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