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Childhood and Foster Care

Due to a rare genetic defect, I was born without legs and a left arm. Because my family was in a difficult situation, I entered foster care at the age of two with the Debeljak family in Podbrezje. Growing up on a small farm with two brothers and a sister encouraged me to be as independent as possible. As a child, I was always playful, eager to push the limits of what was possible, and my greatest motivation was always the phrase, “You can’t do that.” The shirt I wore in my teenage years with the slogan “Watch me, maybe I’ll do a trick” reflects what I thought about that.

Sport & Success

Stubbornness and the desire to prove myself first led me to sitting volleyball, and then to swimming, where I achieved my greatest success. Being a world champion, European champion, world record holder, and numerous other notable results earned me the title of Para Athlete of the Year in Slovenia twice, but most importantly, recognition which allows me to continue raising public awareness that people with disabilities deserve equal treatment.

Business Career

After ending my sports career in May 2020, I quickly ventured into the world of entrepreneurship. Together with my long-time personal sports therapist, Grega Nahtigal, we co-founded the startup Froomcare, where we developed digital solutions in physiotherapy. At the end of 2023, I withdrew from the company, and now I am continuing my independent business career with motivational appearances and sports management in para-volleyball.
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Motivational speaker

In companies, I address employees at teambuilding events, where we touch on setting goals, motivation after defeats, and dealing with changes. The central theme is the pursuit of set goals despite external distracting factors. The unified message I want to convey to various groups of people who significantly influence societal development ranges from teachers and principals to managers. They all share one thing in common: if they give an opportunity to the people they are entrusted with leading (children, employees), these can sometimes achieve above-average results despite difficult and unpredictable situations.


Public speaking

Since 2011, I have made over 150 public appearances. I have visited schools, companies, and have been a keynote speaker at conferences with several hundred attendees. I present my story to students of different grades, with a focus on self-acceptance despite differences, active involvement in society, and following one’s dreams, regardless of obstacles. High school students are usually most interested in self-image and how to cope with motivation despite obstacles.


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Obstacles are just challenges “

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