Since 2011, I have made over 150 public appearances. I have visited schools, companies, and been a keynote speaker at conferences with several hundred attendees. I present my story to students of different grades, with a focus on self-acceptance despite differences, active involvement in society, and following one’s dreams, regardless of obstacles. High school students are usually most interested in self-image and how to deal with motivation despite obstacles.

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darko đurić poslovna pot darko duric motivacija


Taking Responsibility

I am not a victim; when I have taken responsibility and the reins into my own hands, things have always turned in the right direction



Gratitude for the people who have given me an opportunity


You Are Not Alone

We are not alone in this world; we need help and someone to believe in us for success

Darko, Let me once again sincerely thank you for your contribution to Saturday's event. You truly are amazing. Your personal story and the energy you have on stage touched each and every one of us. We wish you many business and personal victories and successes on your continued journey. Once again, a big salute and THANK YOU.
Metka Plesničar, Association of Nurses, Midwives, and Health Technicians of Nova Gorica
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